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  1. 1 small lime, juiced

  2. 1 tablespoon honey

  3. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

  4. 1/2 teaspoon cumin

  5. 1 green tomato, peeled and seeded

  6. 1/2 cup Kentucky pawpaw pulp, can substitute equal parts mango and papaya pureed together

  7. 1 mango , peeled and pitted

  8. 1/2 roasted red pepper , peeled and seeded

  9. 1/2 small red onion Kosher or sea salt

  10. 1/4 cup maple syrup

  11. 1/4 cup molasses (preferably Kentucky sorghum )

  12. 2 generous shots Kentucky Bourbon

  13. 2 tablespoons sweet chile sauce, available at Asian markets

  14. 1 1/2 teaspoons Sri Racha chile paste, available at Asian markets

  15. 4 (14 ounce) center cut pork rib chops, frenched

  16. 1 large or 2 small plantains

  17. 1 cup peanut , corn or safflower oil , for frying

  18. 1/4 cup Hot Country Ham Jus, recipe follows

  19. 1 country ham bone or 2 smoked ham hocks

  20. 4 cups rich veal stock

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  1. For relish, combine lime juice, honey, cilantro , and cumin in a bowl. Dice tomato , pawpaw, mango, roasted pepper and onion to 1/4-inch squares. Add diced vegetable to lime juice mixture and toss. Season, to taste, with kosher or sea salt , and let stand at least 30 minutes and up to overnight in the refrigerator, tightly covered. Preheat a grill to medium heat. For the marinade, combine all ingredients and mix well. Grill pork chops to medium, about 10 minutes per side, brushing with marinade until juice runs clear when pressed or when an instant-read thermometer reads 150 degrees F. Slice plantains 1/8-inch thick. Fry in hot oil until lightly browned. Remove and drain on paper towels. Sauce each plate with 1/4 cup hot country ham jus. Garnish with a generous soup spoonful of relish and crown with 2 slices fried plantains. Combine ham bone and stock in a large pot and bring to a simmer . Simmer until reduced to 1 cup. Strain . Yield: 1 cup This recipe was provided by professional chefs and has been scaled down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. The FN chefs have not tested this recipe, in the proportions indicated, and therefore, we cannot make any representation as to the results.


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