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  1. Spinach Clean 1 lb of fresh spinach. Place in a covered sauce pan with

  2. water still clinging to the leaves.

  3. Heat 1-3 tbl of olive oil (from marinated tomatoes) in a small

  4. frying pan. Peel several cloves of garlic, slice them into two or three pieces and smash them with a heavy coffee cup or by pounding

  5. them with the flat of a wide knife. Coarsely chop the slightly

  6. crushed garlic.

  7. Heat some water and refresh 1/4 cup of dried tomatoes. Cut into slivers.

  8. Add garlic to the hot oil and brown it. Remove from heat.

  9. Cook the spinach. If the spinach is fresh and young, cook it until

  10. just wilted. If the spinach is older, cook it a bit longer.

  11. Pour the oil and garlic over the spinach. Sprinkle the tomatoes

  12. over it and add a small amount of salt and pepper. Toss the spinach

  13. to mix.


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