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  1. Herb Vinegar

  2. Herbs tend to have quite delicate flavours that are overpowered by

  3. vinegar. The only herb vinegar I make regularly is Tarragon Vinegar.

  4. It has a great taste and loads of uses. In addition it is very

  5. easy to make.

  6. Fill a wide-mouthed jar with as much tarragon as you can lay hands

  7. on. Pour in some really good white wine vinegar and screw the lid

  8. on. Place the jar somewhere warm - I place it on my kitchen

  9. windowsill - and leave it there for a couple of weeks, giving it

  10. a shake every now and again. Two weeks later, when the tarragon

  11. has given up its flavour and lost most of its green colour, strain

  12. off the vinegar into a clean, dry bottle, add a fresh sprig of

  13. tarragon for decoration and to remind you what is in the bottle

  14. and place on your shelf so that it is at hand whenever you need

  15. it.


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