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  1. 2 oz Dried mung bean noodles

  2. 1 tb To 2 tb vegetable oil

  3. 1 Whole chicken breast,

  4. -boned, skinned and -coarsely chopped Salt and pepper to taste 1 Fresh red or green chile,

  5. -chopped 3 tb Lime juice

  6. 2 tb Nam pla (Thai fish sauce)

  7. 1 ts Sugar

  8. 3 Shallots, peeled, thinly

  9. -sliced 1/2 c Fresh coriander leaves

  10. 6 oz Cooked bay shrimp

  11. 1 tb To 2 tb crisp-fried shallots

  12. 15 minutes

  13. 3 to 5 minutes

  14. 3 or 4 inch lengths. Chill. Pour oil into a hot wok or skillet. Add chicken; saute until it loses it's pink color. Break into small morsels. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cool. Mix together chile, lime juice, nam pla, sugar, shallots and coriander; pour over noodles and mix thoroughly. Add chicken, shrimp and chilled noodles; mix well. Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce. Garnish with the optional crisp fried shallots. Serves

  15. 4 to 6. NOTE: Crisp fried shallots are available in Asian grocery stores. San Francisco Chronicle,

  16. 8/29/90. As far as the crisp fried shallots go, they're easy to make. Just fry some sliced shallots in a little oil until they're browned and crisp. I wouldn't hesitate to substitute dried onion flakes fried in the same way... I add them to a lot of Thai soups for an extra flavor accent. Good stuff! Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; September


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