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  1. 4 ounces triple-sec orange liquor 8 ounces brandy

  2. 8 teaspoons dark brown sugar

  3. 16 curls orange peel ground cinnamon

  4. 4 cups strong New Orleans coffee

  5. 16 curls lemon peel

  6. 10 whole cloves

  7. 1 thin slice butter

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  1. Preparation : Into a wide mouthed chafing dish or a pan over Sterno, dramatically free pour brandy and triple sec. Add sugar, orange and lemon peels, whole cloves, and butter while telling the appropriate stories. When butter begins to melt and mixture begins to simmer, light by filling bent handled ladle with the mixture, holding directly over flame and then pouring the lighted mixture into the rest of the brulot. After having sung the true voodoo chant, sprinkle voodoo magic (cinnamon) into flames with a flare. Add coffee and serve. HINT: Use a potato peeler to remove orange or lemon peel, then julienne pieces of peel. Serves 8. Recipe courtesy of The New Orleans School of Cooking.


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