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  3. Categories: Cyberealm, Ethnic, Side dishes

  4. Yield: 4 lbs kiska

  5. 3 lb Pork steak

  6. 2 lb Coarse buckwheat grits

  7. 1/2 ts Rubbed marjoram

  8. Salt and pepper

  9. Chop meat into coarse bits. Cover with water and boil

  10. until tender. Add salt, pepper and marjoram. Wash the

  11. buckwheat grits, cover with the liquid from the cooked

  12. meat, and steam in a double boiler for 1/2 hour.

  13. Combine the two mixtures. If you have sausage casings,

  14. stuff the mixture into the casings. It will keep very

  15. well in a mold in the refrigerator. Heat before

  16. serving. Source: Treasured Polish recipes for Americans Typed

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