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  2. 10 Cucumbers, not too fat

  3. 8 c Sugar

  4. 2 tb Pickling spice

  5. -(see note)

  6. 5 ts Salt

  7. -is best)

  8. 4 c Vinegar

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  1. Wash cucumbers and place in large pot. Pour boiling water over cucumbersuntil they are covered. Let stand for 24 hours and then drain. Repeatthis procedure for three (3) days. The cucumbers will be rather slimy afterthis. This is normal.

  2. On the fourth day drain and slice into bite-size chunks. If the cucumbersare fat you can halve or quarter the chunks so you end up with bite-sizepieces.

  3. Combine the remaining ingredients. Bring mixture to a boil, stirringfrequently. Pour cooked mixture over the cucumber pieces. Return to aboil, but just a boil. Do not cook. Pour cucumbers and liquid mixture intocanning jars and seal. Jars should be sealed in a boiling water bath for 10minutes.

  4. NOTES:

  5. * A very sweet cucumber pickle -- My wife's grandmother provided us withthis wonderful pickle recipe. * These are best if they sit for a month or so after canning, to give themtime to work. If you use iodized salt, they are more likely to get cloudyduring that month.

  6. * If your grocery does not sell pre-mixed pickling spice mixtures, tryvarious combinations of mustard seeds, celery seeds, coriander, dill, orany other strongly-flavored spices that you like.

  7. * We increase this recipe by several times. Last year we used about 200cucumbers.

  8. Time: 4 days of soaking. About 1-2 hours of real wor


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