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  1. 1 peck green tomatoes

  2. 1 firm head cabbage

  3. 12 white onions

  4. 2 dozen cucumbers

  5. 6 pods green pepper

  6. 1 pint horseradish

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  1. Instructions Put on board and chop with large knife Mix all well together and put in granite or stone bowl Sprinkle a pint of salt over all, let stand over night, put in bag to drain well Then pour over weak vinegar Let stand over night Then press out all the vinegar Take two pounds light brown sugar, one gallon strong apple vinegar, one ounce celery seed, two ounces tumeric, two ounces white mustard seed, 25-cent bottle Durkee's mustard dressing Boil pickle slowly for three-fourths hour, put in jars and cover with the vinegar Seal tight


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