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  1. 2 lb. lean ground sirloin

  2. 1 large onion , chopped Salt and pepper to taste Garlic powder Cumin Chili powder Shredded cheese ...mexican mixture or cheddar Iceberg lettuce Fresh tomato es Lemon s White corn tortillas Canola oil

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  1. Meat: Brown meat with chopped onion until meat is cooked and crumbly. Add all seasonings to taste. If too dry, add about ½ cup water. Cover and let meat slowly cook/steam while preparing remainder of ingredients. Chop lettuce and tomatoes in large bowl. Thoroughly salt and add juice of several lemons to taste. Heat small amount of oil in small skillet until hot. The tortillas should sizzle when added to skillet. Fry each tortilla shell individually by sliding in oil and letting cook for about 30-45 seconds. With tongs and a fork, turn tortilla over with tongs and, using fork, bend in middle to form the folded shape desired. Let cook on that side for about 30 seconds...roll to other side and cook another 30 seconds of so. Remove and drain on paper towels...blot if necessary. To assemble: Spoon meat mixture into shell, top with small amount of shredded cheese then fill rest of shell with salad.


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