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  1. Recipe Ingredients Autoconvert units to: Metric US Eden safflower oil - - for frying 1 Eden bifun rice pasta

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  1. Recipe Instructions These wonderfully easy noodles, enjoyed in Thai and Chinese cooking, are a gourmet's delight. Serve with Eden Ponzu Sauce or your favorite Oriental topping. Break or cut Pasta into 2 x 4 inch sections for individual servings. Heat 2-3 inches of oil in a wok or heavy pan until a single strand puffs instantly when placed in the oil. Drop in a portion. The noodles will quickly puff. Quickly push them into the oil and turn them over until all strands are puffed (about 15-20 seconds). Drain on absorbent paper. Repeat process. Keep noodles warm in a 200 F oven until all portions are cooked. Cooking Time: 15-20 Seconds Yield: 4-5 Servings Copyright 1995 Eden Foods, Inc.


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