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  1. Cubes of different cheeses

  2. Pickles; fruit, and olives

  3. Chunks of smoked sausage

  4. Rolled salami

  5. Pickled herring

  6. Sardines

  7. Raw; marinated, or pickled veggies

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  1. Cut the above ingredients into bite-sized chunks and put them on toothpicks or bamboo skewers. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

  2. To Serve: Stick skewered savories into a large, round, domed loaf of bread (a purple cabbage works well also). Arrange greens under the loaf on a large, wooden board or platter. This becomes a conversation piece and a way for guests to try new taste combinations. Make sure all items are well drained before spearing them into the bread. Leave a small dish for discarded toothpicks.

  3. NOTES : I made this for the MUUF Pledge Dinner.

  4. Recipe by: Catherine Harris: Cash From Your Kitchen Posted to recipelu-digest by "Valerie Whittle" on Feb 3, 1998


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