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  1. Carob-Tofu Pie

  2. 1 graham cracker crust

  3. 1 block firm or extra firm tofu (well pressed)

  4. 10 oz sweetened carob chips

  5. 1/4C or more maple syrup

  6. 1t vanilla

  7. Puree tofu in a food processor. Melt carob chips and add to the

  8. tofu puree. Blend again. Be sure to scrape down the sides. Add

  9. the maple syrup and vanilla. Blend well, scraping down the sides

  10. frequently. Taste for sweetness and adjust with additional maple

  11. syrup as per your taste.

  12. Trun out into graham cracker crust and refrigerate for a minimum

  13. of 2 hours.


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