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  1. Mexican Heartburn Chili

  2. 2-3 cups cooked shredded pork

  3. 16-24 oz of washed, soaked and rinsed beans

  4. 14 oz Goya frozen or canned Sofrito (Red or Green)

  5. 4 oz canned green chilis

  6. 10-12 oz frozen corn

  7. 4-6 oz frozen spinach or other greens

  8. 14 oz canned diced tomatoes

  9. Add water or beer to cover/taste. Simmer the crap out of it. Too

  10. hot or spicy? Add another can of tomatoes. Do not add any other

  11. salt or spices, that is taken care of by the Sofrito. All measurements

  12. are approximate. Use more or less of each to taste. After all,

  13. this isn't a science. Make sure the beans get soft enough. Serve

  14. with tortillas, rice, refried beans, or sharp cheddar. Less water

  15. or beer and you have a great burrito stuffing.


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