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  1. 1 Fowl

  2. 1 lg Onion

  3. 3 pt Veal stock

  4. 1 tb Lemon juice

  5. 1 ts Turmeric

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  1. + Directions : " The marching rhythm of this name is entrancing. It's origin is as mysterious as the flavor of the dish itself. A bird which has reached the age politely spoken of as "uncertain" may serve as the piece de resistance of any dinner and reflect glory on the hostess if it is prepared in this manner. Young chickens may also be cooked in the same way by using somewhat less veal stock and reducing the time of cooking. Salt and Pepper Cut the fowl in pieces and fry it until it is well browned. Then add the chopped onion to the fat and allow this to brown also. Add the veal stock, which should be very strong, and the turmeric mixed with the lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper and cook until the chicken is tender. The stock should cook down so that t forms a rich gravy which should be served over the chicken. --Carolina Housewife From: 200 Years of Charleston Cooking 1930 Shared By: Pat Stockett


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