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  1. for Biscuit Tortoni In Boxes Recipe

  2. 1 cup dried macaroons, finely crushed

  3. 2 cups thin cream

  4. 1/2 cup sugar

  5. 1/3 cup sherry

  6. 1 pint heavy cream

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  1. Soak macaroons in thin cream for one hour.

  2. Add sugar and wine and freeze to a mush. Add heavy cream beaten stiff.

  3. Mold, pack in salt and ice, and let stand two hours.

  4. Trim lady fingers, arrange on plate in form of box.

  5. If desried, keep in place with ribbon one-half inch wide, and fasten at one corner by tying ribbon in a bow. Garnish opposite corner with flowers of same color as ribbon.

  6. Remove ice cream from brick, cut a slice three-fourths inch thick, and place it in box. .


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