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  1. 1 lb Large button mushrooms

  2. -- wiped clean --MARINADE-- 1 c Olive oil

  3. 4 Garlic cloves; minced

  4. 1 ts Red pepper flakes; crushed

  5. 1 tb Fresh parsley, chopped

  6. 1 tb Fresh cilantro or basil

  7. -- (chopped) 1/2 ts Salt

  8. 1/4 ts Freshly ground pepper

  9. --COLD TOMATO DRESSING-- 3 Tomatoes; peeled, seeded

  10. -- and chopped 3 Shallots; minced

  11. 1/4 c Sherry wine vinegar

  12. 1/4 c Tomato juice

  13. 1/4 c Extra virgin olive oil

  14. 1 Lime; juiced

  15. 2 tb Chopped fresh parsley

  16. 2 tb Chopped fresh cilantro

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  1. -OR- basil Cecila came up with this combination for actress Darryl Hannah, a vegetarian who cooks for meat eaters. The Philippines-inspired cold tomato and lime dressing is compatible with grilled fish or chicken as well as mushrooms. To prevent the bamboo skewers from splintering in the heat of the fire, soak them in cold water for about half an hour and place them in the freezer for a few minutes before cooking. Combine all marinade ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl. Add the mushrooms, toss to coat and set aside to marinate for 1 hour at room temperature. Source: Cecilia De Castro of Ma Cuisine _The Ma Cuisine Cooking School Cookbook_, by Linda Lloyd, Toni Mindling Schulman, Patrick Terrail and Helene Siegal Typed for you by Karen Mintzias


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