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  1. 1 can White tuna -- drained

  2. 1 tbsp Capers

  3. 12 Cured black olives -- sliced

  4. 1/2 Red onion -- minced

  5. 2 Plum tomatoes, seeded -- chpd

  6. 1 tbsp Olive oil

  7. 2 tbsp Red wine vinegar Salt and pepper

  8. 1 bn Watercress

  9. 6 slices Whole grain bread --SALAD VARIATION-- Mixed greens Boiled new potato -- quartered Hard cooked egg -- quartered Cooked green beans In lg bowl, mix tuna, capers, olives, onion, and tomatoes. Pour in oil and vinegar; toss. Season and serve with watercress on whole grain bread. Salad Variation: Arrange mixed greens on plate, top with potato, egg and green beans. Place a scoop of tuna salad in center of plate.

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