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  1. 1 pint of milk

  2. 1 egg

  3. 1/2 cup farina Butter and cheese

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  1. Instructions Bring the milk to a boil and add salt. Stirring with a wooden spoon, slowly add the farina. Cook for ten minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and add the egg. Mix very quickly so the egg does not have time to set. Spread the farina onto a bread-board, about the height of a finger. Allow it to cool then cut into squares or diamonds about two or three inches across. Place the squares in the bottom of a buttered baking-dish. Sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese (or Gruyere) over top along with some small pats of butter. Add another layer of the squared of farina and repeat the cheese and butter. Continue building layers until the dish is full. Bake in a hot oven until a brown crust forms. Serve in the baking-dish.


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