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  1. 1 Small can crab meat

  2. 1 Small green pepper or -pimiento, minced 1 Small grated onion

  3. 1/4 c Finely cut celery

  4. 1 tb Minced parsely

  5. Salt, pepper and mayonnaise (Good Luck) margarine Cheese and bacon for topping

  6. Note: Ingredients in parenthesis are brand names from the sponsors of the radio programs. Many no longer exist. Mix all together, seasoning to taste and moisten with mayonnaise. Split dinner rolls and spread with margarine. Then spread with crab mixture and over this lay a thin slice of cheese and a strip of bacon. Place in oven to allow cheese to soften and the bacon to crisp. ?eve Herrick?ource: WBZ-WBZA Home Forum 3/8/51


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