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  1. West African Cameroon


  3. 1000g millet- or sorgoflour (Pennisetum americanum or Sorghum bicolor; Poaceae)

  4. ("sorgo" is also known as "DURRA" or "MOHRENHIRSE" its a kind of millet)

  5. 500 g gombo (okra) (Hibiscus esculentes; Malvaceae)

  6. 1 onion

  7. 1 chili (hot)

  8. oil (kariteoil if possible)

  9. salt

  10. water

  11. 500 g beef

  12. 1 liter of water. Put

  13. 100 g of sorgoflour into cold water

  14. stir it. Mix it with the boiling water. Stir it immediately with

  15. a wooden spoon and keep on stirring. Reduce heat. Add every 2

  16. minutes 100 g of flour into the boiling mush until "To" is getting

  17. sticky and solid. Keep it hot.

  18. GOMBOSAUCE: Cut the meat in slices and boil it with 300 ml water,

  19. season it with salt. Boil it until the water is gone. Add oil (ca.

  20. 10-15 cl

  21. chili and stir until its done. Add a cup of water. Boil it with

  22. reduced heat and stir every 3 minutes, until its very sticky and gelatinized. Serve TO and GOMBOSAUCE on two different plates. Take

  23. a piece of TO and mix it with Gombosauce. Enjoy!


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