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  1. Ingredients1cupegg, replacers 1eachonion, chopped 12eachmushrooms, chopped 2tablespoonvinegar, balsamic 1/4cupwater 1/4teaspoontarragon, dried 3ozcheese, fat-free, grated or diced 1salt, to taste 1pepper, to tasteDirections:Saute onion and mushrooms in vinegar and water until soft and the liquid has mostly cooked away.Combine salt, pepper, tarragon with egg replacers. Mix well. Add to onion/mushrooms. Add cheese and stir into eggs. Scramble until set.Obviously, a non-stick skillet is essential here. The tarragon goes well with eggs and adds a nice flavor. Many variations on this are possible but I'd stick with the tarragon because it really does work well.


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