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  1. 4 Eggs, separated

  2. 16 1 1/2oz Snickers Bars, - cut up

  3. 1/4c Water

  4. 2 tb Peanut butter, smooth

  5. 2 c Flour, unsifted

  6. 3/4ts Baking soda

  7. 1/4ts Salt

  8. 1 c Butter

  9. 2 c Sugar

  10. 3 ts Vanilla

  11. 1 1/4c Buttermilk, divided

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  1. + Directions : Combine, in the top of a double boiler, the cut-up Snickers bars, water, and peanut butter; heat and stir until well melted and blended. COOL. Mix together the flour, baking soda and salt. Set aside. In a large bowl, cream butter thoroughly; gradually add sugar and beat until fluffy. Beat in 4 unbeaten egg yolks and add vanilla; beat in the cooled candy bar mix, mixing until smooth and adding 1/4 cup buttermilk. Stir in the flour mix alternately with the remaining 1 cup buttermilk; mix only until blended. Gently fold in 4 stiffly beaten egg whites. Divide batter evenly between 2 greased and floured 9" SQUARE pans and bake in preheated 350~F oven for 45 ~ 55 minutes. Cool in pans on rack for 5 minutes, turn out, and finish cooling on rack. Serve with sweetened whipped cream.


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