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  1. 5 pieces/3 ozs shallots - washed and peeled

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  1. Mix all the ingredients A in a large bowl and then pass through a fine sieve onto to a large microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the batter, one minute at a time, stirring after every minute. I did 3 times(my microwave is only 900 watts). The sugar should have dissolved and the batter thickens slightly. Measure 3 portions weighing 435 gms. Leaving the rest of the batter as the topping or last layer. Leave one portion white and divide into 3 bowls - each weighing 145 gms. Color the next portion pink and divide into 3 bowls - each weighing 145 gms. Color the last portion with pandan paste and divide into 3 bowls - each weighing 145 gms. Color the topping layer with a darker red color. Heat a 9 inch greased pan in the steamer for 5 - 10 minutes, then pour in one of the white color batter. Steam for 5 minutes and if the layer is cooked through, pour in one of the pink color batter and steam for 5 minutes.. When pink layer is cooked through, pour in the green layer and steam. Repeat with these layerings until all 9 layers are done. Finally pour in the topping layer and steam until cooked through and further steam the whole kuih for another 10 minutes. Remove from steamer and allow kuih to cool to room temperature before cutting. Use a very sharp knife for cutting. Although i like the plastic crinkle cutter, it does not do a very good job on this chewy cake. Serves Read More... Put soaked glutinous rice into the rice cooker and enough thin coconut milk to just covering the rice. Add salt and pandan leaves. Press the cook function and as soon as the rice is cooked, discard the pandan leaves and pour in the thick coconut cream. Close the lid and leave on warm for 10 minutes for the coconut cream to marry into the rice. In the meantime, mix the ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute and stir. Continue to cook for another 1 more minute. The mixture should still be runny. Remove rice from the rice cooker and put it in a greased 9 inch cake pan and pressed the rice down. Sprinkle the coloring from the bunga telang on to the top of rice. If you like a marbled look, then you would have to stir in the color to the rice and then press down. Put the rice to steam for 5 minutes, then pour in half of the topping. Steam the topping until cooked, then using a fork, roughen the surface with a fork before pouring in the rest of the topping. Steam on medium heat until cooked and done. Do not use high heat - patience will rewarded with a smooth topping. When done, leave kuih to cool before cutting. Serves Read More... Prepare the Rempah . Grate galangal and lemon grass with a microplane zester. In the food processor, grind the rest of the ingredients except the cooking oil, into a fine paste.(If using the blender, put all the ingredients in including the oil and blend to very fine.) Pour blended ingredients into a microwable bowl and microwave on high for 5 minutes, stir and continue to cook on high 2 minutes at a time, until oil surfaces and paste is fragrant and almost dry. Prepare the mousse: Pat the fish dry and cut it into 2-inch slices. Beat slightly eggs and egg yolk with fish sauce, salt, sugar, white pepper. Mix cornflour and rice with the coconut milk. In a large bowl, put in the sliced fish, eggs, coconut mixture.and cooled rempah. Mix well to combine. Lastly add in the shredded kaffir lime and tumeric leaves. .To make otak otak parcels: For each parcel, , use a square of banana leaf and lay 3 - 4 leaves daun kaduk in the center. Spread 2 to 3 tablespoons of the fish mixture on top of daun kaduk. Fold the banana leaf into half and hold on to the center. Fold up the right side to the center and open up the leaf to form the parcel edge. Repeat with the left side and using a staple or toothpick, secure the parcel. Repeat making the parcels until all the fish mousse is done. Put the parcel to steam for about 10 minutes. Serve hot, warm, or at room temperature. Serves Read More... Remove the tips if using chicken wings and cut the remaining into 2 parts. Loosen the meat from the joint of drummettes and middle wing and push down to form a 'fist' shape. Remove the smaller bone from the centre part of the middle wing. Marinade with the seasonings for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight, covered, in the refrigerator. Pan-fry in a wok, stirring all the time until quite dry. Leave to cool. Heat oil till smoking hot, put in the chicken pieces and fry until sizzling subsides. Remove chicken pieces and allow the oil to heat up again. Fry again another two more times until crispy and golden brown. Serve hot with the sauce Serves Read More... Clean the black pomfret of scales and salt the fish, inside and on the surface of fish. Follow the instructions in the packet of assam pedas premix, add in the black pomfret. Cover and cook until fish is cooked. Adjust taste with tamarind juice if not sour enough, sugar and salt according to taste. Add in tomatoes and pineapple chunks and bring gravy back to the boil. Serve hot with white rice and enjoy. Serves Read More... If using prawns with heads on, trim off eye portions and legs of prawns, but leave unpeeled. In a mixing bowl, combine thick tamarind concentrate, salt, pepper, sugar and fish sauce. Mix in prawns and leave for 15 minutes. Heat enough oil to coat the bottom of nonstick skillet/frying pan until hot. Fry prawns in batches to prevent overcrowding, over moderate heat for 3-5 minutes or until prawns are cooked. Read More... Combine sago pearls, grated coconut and sugars together, mixing well. Divide mixture into 2 portions. Add pandan paste to one of the portion. Fold the banana leaf circle into half to form a semi-circle. Fold again to form a cone. Fill cone with halfway with plain sago mixture and then top with the pandan sago mixture. Fold down the banana leaf to cover the cone and stand it on its base. Steam Abuk Abuk over high heat for 8 - 10 minutes. Read More... Split the cucumber into lengthwise and core, but do not peel. Cut into 1 inch lengths and 1/4 inch thick. Season cucumber wih salt and drain in a colander. Sun dry for 1 hour. Heat the oil in a wok to fry the tumeric until the oil turns yellow. Turn off heat and discard tumeric slices and leave oil to cool slightly before adding the sugar, salt, vinegar and water. Stir to mix and set aside to cool completely. Place the sun dried cucumber and garlic, and red and green peppers in a glass jar and fill with the pickling solution, making sure that the vegatables are completely submerged. Allow to pickle for at least 2 days before serving. Note: Sun drying the cucumber, garlic and tumeric is to rid of moisture so that cucumber wll be crunchy and with less moisture, pickle will have less chance of turning bad fast. Serves Read More... Combine star anise, dark and light soya sauce, peppercorns and water and bring to the boil. Add in pork and let pork cook in sauce for 10 minutes before adding the garlic cloves. Continue to simmer until meat is tender and the sauce is thicken. (if a thicker sauce is desired, cook further) Adjust taste with salt. Hard boil eggs can be added to this dish and this dish is best eaten the next day to allow its flavors to develop. Serves Read More... Steam diced taro and diced colored sweet potato separately until soft (about 20 minutes) . Cook soaked black eyed pea until soft(if using. i cook in the pressure cooker) Cook sago pearls (if using. I did not use these, cos the i made the chewing tapioca starch) until they become translucent (about one half hour). Using a spatula, add very hot boiling water to the tapioca starch in a mixing bowl, bit by bit until it becomes doughy. Mix well with a drop of red food coloring. When it can be handled with bare hands, roll into 1cm thickness and cut into strips. Cook in boiling water until they become translucent (about one half hour). Remove and soak in iced water until needed. Put coconut milk/cream, sugar, salt and knotted pandan leaves into a pot and bring to a gentle boil, stirring continuously. Add taro, sweet potato, , tapioca jelly and black-eyed beans, sago pearls and mix well. Serve hot or cold. Serves Read More... Wash black and white glutinous rice thoroughly and soak in water for several hours. Put rice and water into a pot and cook over medium heat until rice is soft and almost creamy. Alternatively cook in the pressure cooker for 10 - 15 minutes but make sure that the watelevel must not be more than half of the pressure cooker). Remove lid when pressure is released and add in more water to make the soup creamy. When rice has reached the desired consistency, add dried longans and pandan leaves.Add sugar and simmer for a further 10–15 minutes over gentle heat. ( Sugar should never be added in the beginning of cooking) Serve with coconut topping and Yau Char Kway II Serves Read More... Heat oil and add in the fish curry mix, saute until fragrant. Add in the onions, stir until they are soft. Add in the prawns and tomatoes. Cover and cook until prawns are cooked. Stir in the coconut powder and adjust the taste by adding more salt or sugar. Squeeze 1/2 a lime before serving. Serves Read More...

  2. Put sugar and water to caramelize. Add in the 500 ml water as soon as the sugar turned brown. Then add in the rest of the ingredients in (A ) and bring it to a boil to dissolve the gula melaka. . Strain for any lumps and leave aside to cool.

  3. Mix everything in (B) together till a smooth batter is formed. Add in the gula melaka syrup and cook over low heat or in the microwave till the batter is slightly thickened. Stirring constantly.

  4. Steam the freshly grated coconut for 5 minutes. Leave it aside for use later. Add salt before using.

  5. Pour batter into a greased square cake pan. Steam over boiling hot water for about 40 minutes.

  6. Cool the Kuih Kosui before you cut into pieces .

  7. Coat them with the steamed coconut and serve. Serves Read More...


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