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  1. 2 grapefruit

  2. 2 Tablespoons butter

  3. 6 Tablespoons brown sugar

  4. 8 Tablespoons ruby port wine

  5. 4 strawberries

  6. 4 Sprigs fresh mint Sauce:

  7. 4 Tablespoons butter

  8. 8 Tablespoons brown sugar

  9. 1/2 Cup ruby port wine

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  1. Preparation : Halve grapefruit, cut fruit from skin being careful not to puncture skin. Remove all excess pith from fruit, cut into bite size segments (6 or 8) and replace in skin. Place in metal baking dish and slowly pour port wine into each half. Cover with brown sugar and butter. Place on rack approximately 6" from broiler until sugar begins to bubble and turn browner. Remove from baker and place each half in individual serving bowls. Garnish center with mint sprig and strawberry. Return baker with remaining liquid to stove top burner on medium high heat, adding sauce ingredients. Stir slowly until sauce attains a syrup like consistancy. Pour over garnished grapefruit and serve immediatley.


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