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  1. 1-8 oz. container Cream Cheese, plain, room temp. º

  2. 1-8 oz. container Whipped Cream, chilled º1/2-cup Sweetened, Condensed Milk ºAny Extract flavoring or Food Coloring desired ºº FOR FROSTED, CORN FLAKE and COCONUT CRUST: º2--previously crushed-- Cups Kellogg´s Frosted Flakes® º1-Cup Shredded Coconut º1/2-Stick Butter, melted

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  1. FOR CHEESECAKE: ººIn a large, mixing bowl, BLEND TOGETHER above Cheesecake ingredients and MIX WELL with a hand mixer until smooth and fluffy in texture and set aside. FOR CORN FLAKE and COCONUT CRUST: ººIn a medium mixingbowl, BLEND TOGETHER the Corn Flake crumbles with the shredded Coconut and melted Butter and MIX until WELL BLENDED and soft in texture. ººPRESS mixture into the bottom of a greased pie dish and sides until well distributed. ººPOUR Cheesecake mixture into pie dish and smoothen out until evenly distributed. ººCHILL, for at least one hour before serving and ENJOY! ºº MOLD Instructions for pre-prepared, colored Cheesecake ingredients: ººGREASE or butter a 20 to 24 ounce MOLD, of Cook´s choice, and BEGIN by pouring one third of the Cheesecake mixture into mold. ººFREEZE in a tilted position for about 15 minutes, and PROCEED as directed with remaining two sections of Cheesecake mixture. ººFREEZE for an additional 10 to 15 minutes and ADD the pre'prepared Crust mixture; PRESSING down to form the Corn Flake Coconut Crust. ººCHILL in refrigerator until FIRM and, if necessary, flip molded ingredients over and run warm water over Mold, which will release the molded, Tri-colored CHeesecake, and... ENJOY serving this Dish to your family and guests! ºº SIDE BITE: GARNISH your EASTER EGG, Molded CHEESECAKE with Miniature, Multi-colored, Jelly Beans and/or Shredded Coconut for and EXTRA ENJOYABLE, *EASTER-SPIRITED* Display! AUTHOR´S NOTE: MANY A HUMBLE, **EASTER** BLESSINGS...TO YOU, AND YOURS COOKS! & *GOD BLESS* (^î^) US, ONE AND ALL... HUGZ & GRINZ!!! And ... HAPPY EASTER! Always, Ritzie Ann


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