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  1. 8 slices baguette or ciabatta , cut 2cm thick on the diagonal extra virgin olive oil

  2. 160 g fresh paneer

  3. 3 spring onions , sliced

  4. 2 Indian finger green chillies , finely sliced

  5. 1 handfuls coriander , leaves and stalks chopped

  6. 5 large mint leaves , shredded

  7. 160 g cherry tomatoes , quartered

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  1. Method 1. Toast the slices of bread until crisp and brush with olive oil.

  2. Meanwhile, crumble the paneer into smallish pieces in a bowl. Add the spring onions, chillies, coriander, mint leaves and cherry tomatoes. Season with salt and the black pepper and stir in a good splash of olive oil to moisten. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

  3. Pile the mixture onto the slices of toast and serve. See Anjum Anand’s recipe for homemade paneer


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