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  1. 1 Dozen Eggs (Separated)

  2. 1 C. Granulated Sugar

  3. 1 Bar Baker's German Semi-sweet Chocolate (grated fine) Sift together the following (3 times):

  4. 1 C.

  5. 3 T. Flour

  6. 1 tsp. Baking Powder

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  1. Separate eggs. Beat yolks thoroughly. Add sugar gradually. Beat whites stiff; combine with yolks folding slowly. Add flour mixture slowly. Fold in grated chocolate. Rinse spring bottom tubecake pan with cold water and shake out excess. Pour in batter & bake at 325° for “exactly” 1 hour & 10 minutes. Invert pan and cool completely. Cut into three (3) layers. (Use toothpicks to keep the cake in line), then frost.


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