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  1. 1 baked loaf cake

  2. 2 Twinkies

  3. 1 cup hot-dog red frosting (red and brown mixed) Yellow icing in a tube Red icing in a tube Green fruit slices or gumdrops, diced

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  1. To make the hot dog bun, cut the loaf sides as shown, saving the extra cake for the French fries. Remove the cake center and place the two Twinkies in the "bun." Frost them hot-dog red. Add a squirt of mustard (yellow icing) ketchup (red icing), or relish (diced gumdrops or fruit slices). For the fries, slice off the outer brown edges of the cake and trim. Place on a cookie sheet and carefully broil, turning to brown all sides (a parent's job). Cool and drizzle with "ketchup."


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