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  1. dyed hard boiled eggs, as many as you desire to make a couple of sprigs or sprays of small silk (fabric) flowers, 1/2" or less in size, such as baby's breath or tiny roses (BHG used what looks like tiny rose buds) white craft glue (tacky glue) cuff shape napkin holders, same amount as number of eggs you'll be using (BHG used what looks like low/short candle holders) gold or silver writing pen or fine

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  1. Be sure that your dyed eggs are completely dried and cooled. Snip the little flower blossoms and leaves apart, off of the sprigs/sprays. Put a 1/4" dot of glue on the very top center of the egg. Place 3 leaves in the glue by the stem ends. Add a LITTLE more glue in center of the 3 leaves, where they meet in the center. Place 3 tiny blossoms in the glue, being sure that the leaves aren't completely covered. Continue until all of the eggs are decorated. Place them on the napkin rings to let them dry completely, about an hour. Using the gold or silver pen, you can personalize the eggs as desired. Place each egg, flower part up, on a napkin holder. See photo. Use as place markers, group together for centerpiece, or just scatter as you wish on your tabletop.


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