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  1. 4 cups 792g / 27oz Butter

  2. 4 cups 948ml Hot sauce

  3. 2 tablespoons 30ml Cayenne - ** Chicken wings

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  1. Recipe Instructions ** To cut down the heat, use 1 tbs Ground Red pepper plus 1 tbs cayenne. Heat butter, add hot sauce, and cayenne. Fry chicken wings - as many as needed, for 10 minutes at 350F, then dip into hot sauce mix. You can double the sauce recipe if you like. Use as much as you need to coat wings. You can strain what is left and reheat it and keep it in a jar. It will keep indefinitely. Just shake the jar and pour as much sauce as needed into a pan and reheat to dip chicken wings. The chef who gave me the recipe makes it a gallon at a time. As long as you strain it and reheat it before pouring it back into the jar it is fine. He uses the cayenne-red pepper mix, I use all cayenne.


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