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  1. 1 Lb of a Good Spaghetti

  2. 2 Cup of finely Chopped Broccoli Florets

  3. 2 Cup of finely Chopped Cauiflower Florets 3-Green Onion's Sliced, Thin (white bulb only) 1-Cup of Grape tomatoes,sliced across

  4. 4 Cup of Sliced Olives (I use black,but you can use green or mix them) Salad Supreme Italian Dressing Black Pepper to taste

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  1. Cook Spaghetti,till it is al dente,cool,then add the salad dressing,and all of the Veggies,Add black pepper to your taste gently shake to besure dressing is covering all spaghetti and the veggies,Cover and store in refrigerator till ready to serve .This is best if made a few hours before.Even the night before.Great as a meal or by it self.You can add Ham or Cooked Chicken sliced thin if you like...My friend will toss grated cheese on it just before serving


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