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  1. 2 (32oz) cartons Non-Fat plain

  2. Yogurt 1/2 c Honey

  3. 2 ts Vanilla

  4. 4 tb Arrowroot

  5. 5 Egg whites

  6. 300 degrees. Prepare Basic Graham Cracker Crust below in a springform pan and chill while preparing the cheesecake. With a rotary beater or hand mixer, beat yogurt cheese, honey, vanilla, arrowroot and egg whites until thoroughly blended. Pour filling into chilled graham cracker crust. Bake at

  7. 300 degrees for 60-75 minutes, until center is set and surface is lightly browned. Remove from oven, cool to room temperature, refrigerate several hours until thoroughly chilled. Posted by "Shanks, Mira L."<

  8. 12 Issue

  9. 9 Nov.

  10. 10, 1994. FATFREE Recipe collections copyrighted by Michelle Dick

  11. 1994. Used with permission. Formatted by Sue Smith, S.Smith

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