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  1. Saffron - 2

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  1. Keep the cream and evaporated milk chilled in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Heat the milk and add saffron and keep aside for the color to infuse. Using a mill ,blend the cardamom seeds and later add in half of pistachios and almonds and grind to a smooth powder. Keep aside. In a large mixing bowl preferably glass add in the evaporated milk and using a electric beater, beat for 3-4 minutes until its almost 3 times its original size. In another bowl beat in the whipping cream and sugar until soft peaks are formed. Mix together the whipped evaporated milk and whipping cream into the freezing container and add in the saffron, cardamom nuts powder and add in the remaining nuts chopped. Mix well and allow to freeze until it starts to solidify. This takes about 1-2 hrs. Take out from the freezer and using the electric beater, break all the lumps and mix well. Do this procedure one more time before allowing it to freeze completely. You can use kulfi moulds if desired. Enjoy!


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