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  1. CARDAMOM (Elletaria cardamomum)..native to India; also come from Guatemala and Ceylon; grown in the garden of King of Babylon in 721 B.C.; used in perfumes in ancient Greece and Rome and in cosmetic industry today; fruit or seed of plant of ginger family; small three-sided, creamy white, pithy pod, having no flavor and containing aromatic dark brown seed; available both whole and ground (decorticated - pod removed); aromatic, pungent, sweet flavor; use with discretion and is good to freshen breath. USES...Cardamom is a principal spice in Danish pastry. Also use in coffee cake, sweet breads, fruit salad dressings, pickles, pickling spice, ginger bread, punch, grape jelly, custards, puddings sweet potatoes, squash, fruit soups, hot spiced wines, barbecue sauce, rice pudding and honey.

  2. SUGGESTED AMOUNTS TO USE IN VARIOUS DISHES Ground: dash - ¼ tsp in blueberry muffin mix or recipe that makes 12. dash - ⅛ tsp in 4 C crushed strawberries, peaches or raspberry. ⅛ - ½ tsp to 8 egg whites for meringue shells. dash in 2 cups baked beans dash in 1 cup coconut, toasted. ⅛ - ¼ to 2 cups sweet potatoes. Whole: 2 - 4 to a 4 pound roast for sauerbraten 2 - 3 in 1 qrt mulled wine 4 - 6 in 6 cups Glogg (???) 4 - 6 in frozen fruit ring (1 - 1-½ quart mold) for punch 6 - 8 in 2 gallons fruit punch 2 - 4 in 2-½ cups fruit for compote 4 - 6 in 2 cups scalded mild for custards. Ten whole Cardamom, pods removed and brown seeds crushed, equals ½ tsp ground Cardamom. Origin: Spices of the World Cookbook, by McCormick Shared by: Sharon Stevens Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 02-11-95


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