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  1. 2500 g duck (the whole duck)

  2. 50 g lard

  3. 20 g salt

  4. 1 tablespoon marjoram

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  1. Clean the duck and salt only from inside 2-3 hours before roasting. Add one tablespoon of marjoram inside the duck to cover inside meat.

  2. Heat oven to 250°C If there is enough fat inside duck, remove this fat and melt it separately in small pot; add lard. Heat lard and pour over duck?s skin (that way we close pores on skin).

  3. Immediately put the duck into hot oven, roast 20 minutes on 250°C and than reduce heat to 180°C Last 20 minutes roast again on 200°C 4 Duck weight 2500 g need about 120 minutes roasting.

  4. Start cutting the duck after 15 minutes resting outside. Use this time to remove fat drippings you will need for ?mlinci?. ?


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