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  1. 1 llb --

  2. 13ounce can pear halves red food coloring salad greens

  3. 1 pound cottage cheese

  4. 1 pound grapes lemon juice sugar mint sprigs or watercress honey dressing

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  1. Preparation : Drain pears. Mix a few drops of food coloring with a small amount of syrup and brush on pear halves to give a blush. Line 4 salad plates with greens. Put 1/2 cup mound of cottage cheese in center of each plate. Wash grapes and cut in small clusters. Dip in lemon juice and sprinklw generously with sugar. Stand pears, cut side in, on one side of cheese. Arrange grapes on opposite side. Garnish tips of pears with mint. Serve with dressing.


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