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  1. 1 each Chicken, cut up

  2. 1 cup Rice

  3. 1 cup Orange Juice

  4. 1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup

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  1. DIRECTIONS DIRECTIONS Place the rice in a 9x12" baking pan. Arrainge the chicken parts on the rice. Pour the Orange Juice over the chicken parts. Smear the cream of mushroom soup over the chicken. Cover *tightly* with aluminum foil and bake in a S-L-O-W oven for 2 -3 hours. (200oF in not too low.) 1 cup of liquid to 1 cup of rice is correct. You will end up with firm, orange flavored rice that is carmalized to a dark brown in the corners of the pan. Use any cream soup that you like and if you have the oven temp. low enough, it can cook 4-5 hours and still be great.

  2. Submitted By EARL SHELSBY On 01-23-95


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