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  1. for Almond Creams Recipe

  2. Blanch and pound 5 ounces of sweet

  3. 1 ounce of bitter almonds to a paste

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  1. Put to this loaf sugar to taste, rubbed with lemon rind and pounded.

  2. Rub smoothly a dessertspoonful of corn flour into a quart of milk, or, if it is to be had, use a pint and a half of cream; add the yolks of 3 eggs well beaten.

  3. Put the whole, when well mixed, into a saucepan; set it on the fire and stir constantly until it thickens; but on no account allow it to boil.

  4. The whites of the eggs may be whisked, and a little placed on the top of each glass.

  5. Time, about ten minutes to boil the cream


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