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  1. 4 oz.(1 stick) unsalted butter,cut in small pieces

  2. 3 garlic cloves,minced

  3. 1 TB fresh rosemary,chopped

  4. 1/3 c fresh lemon juice(from 2 lemons) rinds reserved and sliced

  5. 1/4 c Worcestershire sauce

  6. 1-1/2 tsp hot sauce,such as Tobasco

  7. 1 lb(about 30) med to large shrimp,peeled,tails on

  8. 1/2 tsp coarse salt fresh ground black pepper Baguette for serving

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  1. How to make it Heat 12" skillet,(preferably cast iron) over med-high heat. Add butter and cook till melted and foamy. Add garlic,rosemary and lemon juice and rinds. Stir in Worcestershire and hot sauce and bring to simmer. Season shrimp with salt and pepper;add to skillet. Cook until pink and firm to touch,3 to 4 mins. Season with pepper. Serve with baguette


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