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  1. 1/4 cup pecans

  2. 2 tablespoons honey

  3. 1 tablespoon sugar

  4. 1 tablespoon olive oil

  5. 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

  6. 1 large onion, sliced and separated into rings

  7. 12 ounces uncooked penne pasta

  8. 3 cups torn fresh spinach

  9. 3/4 cup chicken or vegetable broth, divided

  10. 3/4 teaspoon salt

  11. 1/4 teaspoon pepper

  12. 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

  13. 1 cup (4 ounces) crumbled blue cheese, divided

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  1. Creamy Spinach Pasta Recipe photo by Taste of Home Line a baking sheet with foil; coat well with cooking spray. In a bowl, combine pecans and honey; spread over prepared pan. Bake at 300° for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in a nonstick skillet, combine the sugar, oil and vinegar; add onion. Cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until onion begins to caramelize.

  2. In a saucepan, cook pasta according to package directions. Remove pecans from the oven; set aside and keep warm. Add the spinach, 1/4 cup broth, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes to the onion mixture; cook 5 minutes longer. drain pasta; add onion mixture and toss.

  3. In the same skillet, combine 2/3 cup blue cheese and remaining broth. Cook over medium heat until cheese is melted, about 5 minutes. Pour over pasta; toss gently to coat. Sprinkle with pecans and remaining blue cheese. Yield: 6 servings.


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