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  • 197calories

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  2. 1 pint fresh ripe blackberries

  3. 1 pint fresh ripe raspberries

  4. 1 pint fresh ripe boysenberries

  5. 1 pinch salt

  6. 1 tablespoon lemon juice

  7. 3/4 cup simple syrup -- (3/4 to 1)

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  1. Pur‚e the berries with the salt and lemon juice. Strain to remove the seeds (leave a quarter of the pur‚e unstrained if you want some of the seeds for texture). Combine with the simple syrup using the egg method (begin pouring simple syrup in juice until an egg floats to the top and the top is exposed about the size of a nickel. This will ensure the right amount of sugar for taste and proper freezing.) Pour into ice cream freezer and freeze.


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