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  1. 1 large Tab butter

  2. 1 and 1/2 Tab. brown sugar

  3. Whatever fruit you desire-apple, rubarb

  4. puff pastry

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  1. Into ramikin, put butter and brown sugar. Melt in 400 degree oven..10 minutes.

  2. Add small pieces of fruit, (for apple use about ¾ of apple in each ramekin with the already cooked sugar and butter) stuff as much as possible into container. Cook 10 more minutes and Add topping of puff pastry (cut pastry into squares) and tuck into sides of ramekin) covering all fuite.

  3. cook 10 minutes (apples may take more time)

  4. turn over onto plate and add ice cream for caramel sauce: equal parts red wine and brown sugar cooked to reduction


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