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    1. 1 Box Chocolate Cake Mix

    2. Large Tub Chocolate Icing

    3. Small Tub Vanilla Icing

    4. Blue and Green Food Coloring

    5. Bag of Heath Toffee Chips

    6. 1-2 Green Fruit Roll Ups

    7. 1 Twix Bar

    8. Gum Drops

    9. Tootsie Rolls

    10. Tooth Picks

    11. Small Plastic Frogs (purchased from party supply store)

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    1. Bake box Chocolate cake mix as directed in a 9x12 pan. Let cool. Remove from pan. Cut out center of cake for "lake". Fill area with Blue/Green Vanilla icing. Use the cut out pieces of cake to form mounds to make ground higher. Cover rest of cake with chocolate icing. Crumble remaining cake parts into a bowl, mix in Heath Toffee Chips. Use your hands to cover chocolate frosting with mixture, press in firmly. This makes a nice "dirt" surface.

    2. Cut fruit roll ups into lily pad shapes. Cut small Tootsie Rolls into 4 pieces. Using fingers, roll into cat tail tops. Then push toothpick into each, forming cat tails. Cut Gum Drops into 4 pieces and use them to make flowers around the cat tails.

    3. Firmly make small hole in under side of plastic frog and push toothpick in. This is for stability if cake needs to be transported. Arrange frogs around cake, on lily pads, on logs and along the shore line.


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