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  1. 16- 25-pound turkey

  2. 1 fresh, free-range turkey Sea salt Handful of celery tops

  3. 2 cups coarsely chopped carrots and onions Handful of parsley sprigs Fresh herbs of choice Creole butter

  4. 6 reserved whole sage leaves

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  1. Preparation : 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Remove any loose fat from inside the cavity. Cut off the wing tips and add to the ingredients for stock.

  2. Rinse and thoroughly dry the turkey with paper towels. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons salt in the cavity. Put celery, parsley, sage and cooked vegetables from the stock preparation inside. Carefully run your fingers under the breast skin to loosen it. Rub under the skin with Creole butter, then insert 6 whole perfect sage leaves in a pattern under the skin. Rub skin all over with Creole butter. Skewer the neck skin and vent. Tie with kitchen twine to hold legs and wings in place. Place turkey, breast side up, on rack in roaster. Tent with heavy-duty foil, shiny side in.

  3. Roast in the preheated oven, lifting the tent to baste, first with cooking oil, then with the accumulated pan drippings. About 1 1/2 hours before it is done, add the 2 cups of carrots and onions to the pan to flavor the pan juices. Teacher's Tips: 1. The most reliable way to tell if your turkey is nearly done is to insert an instant read thermometer. It should register 165 degrees F. The turkey will continue to cook as it rests.

  4. After you remove the turkey from the oven, put an upside-down salad plate on a large sheet pan. Rest the turkey (breast side down) against the plate with its tail in the air. Cover the whole thing with a foil tent and place in the still-warm oven (with the heat turned off) while you finish the gravy. Pounds Hours at 325 Rest Period Safe Total Time 8-12 3-1/4 - 4 20 20 4-1/2 - 4-3/4 12-16 3-1/2 - 4-1/2 20 20 5-1/2 16-20 4 - 6 30 30 5-1/2 - 7 20-25 5-1/2 - 7-1/2 30 30 7 - 8-1/2


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