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  1. 5 gm Agar agar powder

  2. 250 ml coconut milk Few pieces of pandan leaves

  3. 30 gm brown sugar B

  4. 80 gm red bean filling (recipe to make red bean paste is here: mooncake ) Few drops of pink color Pastry ingredients C

  5. 7 1/2 gm agar agar powder

  6. 450 ml thin coconut milk few pieces pandan leaves

  7. 80 gm sugar D

  8. 100 ml Thick coconut milk

  9. 2 tsp green tea powder

  10. 100 gm heavy cream

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  1. Cook A till dissolved, add in B, mix well. Pour into small cup mould to set Cook C till dissolved, add in D, mix even. Pour into jelly mould till half full and place in the filling, cover till full. Chill in fridge. Serves


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