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  1. 4 each pork chops --

  2. 6 oz each Creole spice 2 Tablespoons olive oil

  3. 1 cup chopped onion

  4. 1/2 cup chopped celery

  5. 1/2 cup chopped green pepper

  6. 2 tablespoons minced garlic

  7. 3 cups dry white beans -- soaked overnight

  8. 1 cup chopped tomatoes

  9. 3 bay leaves

  10. 6 cups mild stock

  11. Salt and pepper

  12. Season pork chops with Creole spice. Heat oil over medium-high heat ina Dutch oven or heavy, deep pot and brown chops on both sides; removeto a plate. Reduce heat, add celery, onions, green pepper and garlic,and sweat until tender. Stir in beans, tomatoes, bay leaf and stock and return pork chops to pot. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat and simmer on very low heat all day, or until beans are very tender. Adjust seasonings.

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  1. NOTES : mild chicken,beef,veggie stock or water can be use


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