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  1. Frosted 9- by 13-inch cake Chocolate Cow Tails (such as Goetze's Cow Tales) Twizzlers Rainbow Twists M&M's Candy sticks Fruit Streamers Pez candies Green edible glitter Small round candies

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  1. Wheels: Stretch 2 chocolate Cow Tails (such as Goetze's Cow Tales) so that they are 9 inches long, shape them into circles, and place them about 2 inches apart. Cut Twizzlers Rainbow Twists into ten 1-inch lengths and use them for spokes. Use frosting to glue an M&M's candy onto the center of each wheel. The frame: Break 4 to 5 candy sticks into the lengths specified in the diagram and arrange them atop the cake as shown. Seat, handlebars: Cut 2 short lengths from a Twizzlers Twist and use one for the bike seat. For handlebars, use a toothpick to push the ends of 3 Fruit Streamers strands into the hole in the other Twist piece, and insert the opposite end into the cake. Pedals: For the sprocket, tightly coil a Fruit Streamers strand and top it with an M&M's candy. For each pedal, stick a Pez candy halfway into the cake and then connect it to the sprocket with a short Fruit Streamers strand. Scenery: Sprinkle green edible glitter grass under the bike and then outline the upper perimeter of the cake with small round candies.


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