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  1. How to make salty lassi

  2. Ingredients to make 2 glasses of lassi:

  3. 1 cup chilled plain fresh curd(yogurt).

  4. 1 cup cold water.

  5. Salt to taste.

  6. Ice cubes.

  7. Maththa - Maharashtrian Lassi

  8. Masala chaas Recipe

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  1. Add yogurt, water and salt to the blender.

  2. Blend well till frothy.

  3. Pour in glasses and top with ice cubes.

  4. You can add different flavorings to make the salty lassi spicy according to your taste.

  5. You can add any one or a mix of the following spices and herbs. You can add them one at a time to get a variety of salt lassi each time or you can add them together in the combination you like.

  6. Blend together yogurt, water and salt.

  7. Heat oil. Add mustard and cumin seeds.

  8. When they stop cracling, add chilli pieces.

  9. Add asafoetidas, curry leaves.

  10. Take off fire. Let cool.

  11. Add this to the chaas mix.


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