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  1. 1 lbs Deli sliced roast beef

  2. 1/2 bag frozen bell pepper s

  3. 1 small white or yellow onion , sliced thin

  4. 1 can beef consume

  5. 1 - 2 tsp Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning s

  6. 1 tbsp corn starch water

  7. 10 Hoagie roll s Mozzarella or provolone cheese to top each sandwich

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  1. Cut the roast beef slices into long thin strips. Heat the roast beef strips over medium high heat, just until slightly browned and warmed through. Remove roast beef from pan. Add frozen bell peppers to the pan, cook until no longer frozen. Add the sliced onion to the pan and sauté until both the bell peppers and the onions are slightly browned and caramelized. Add the roast beef back to the pan and mix thoroughly with the veggies. Add the full can of beef consume and the Tony Chachere’s seasoning. Simmer mixture for a few minutes to let the flavors meld. In a small bowl or cup, mix the cornstarch with equal parts water to make a slurry. Add this to your simmering pan of roast beef. This will thicken the sauce so the consume sauce sticks to the meat when you put it on your hoagie. At this point, you can pile your Philly beef onto toasted hoagie rolls with cheese.


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