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  1. Sandwich loaf, country style bread, whole wheat bread, or pumpernickel

  2. Softened butter combined with lemon juice, herbs, mustard, paprika, curry powder, flaked crab meat, lobster, or tuna

  3. Mayonnaise, remoulade, commercial dressings, spicy sauces

  4. Sausages and meats, pates, marinated fish, crab meat, shrimps and lobster meat, fresh and cooked vegetables, salads, all kinds of cheeses

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  1. Directions Suggestions tor Smorrebrod:

  2. Shrimp with mayonnaise, lemon wedges, chopped watercress.

  3. Smoked eel, cold scrambled egg.

  4. Pate de foie, smoked tongue.

  5. Fried liver, slices of bacon, fried onion rings, apple slices.

  6. Fried fish fillet, remoulade sauce.

  7. Celery salad, fried pieces of chicken, jelly.

  8. Slices of roast beef, remoulade sauce, mixed pickles.

  9. Asparagus, smoked meat, chopped parsley.

  10. Blue cheese, raw egg yolk, slices of radish.

  11. Caviar, chopped hard cooked egg white, lemon wedges.

  12. Rye bread, butter, pickled herring, onion and capers.

  13. Thick slice of liver pate on white or rye bread, crowned with sauteed mushrooms.

  14. Cold chicken breast with cucumber slices vinaigrette (combine vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar to taste).

  15. Warm scrambled eggs spooned on rye bread, topped with crisp fried bacon and cocktail sausages.

  16. Thinly sliced, slightly warm roast pork on rye bread slices, topped with red cabbage and garnished with cooked apple slices and prunes.


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